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ВНИМАНИЕ! ТОВАР ПО ПРЕДЗАКАЗУ ИЗ США! СРОК ПОСТАВКИ: 50-80 ДНЕЙ! Entwined - Vol. 1: Summer is the first of four decks in a series based on the ballet of nature and the freedom of spirit.After the success of Alis Lu... Читать далее...

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Entwined - Vol. 1: Summer is the first of four decks in a series based on the ballet of nature and the freedom of spirit.

After the success of Alis Luminis, OLD GRAVITY along with artist, Ritu Bhattacharya has worked hard over a period of one year in producing this ornate and artistic deck.

The Tuck Boxes
The tuck box is intricately designed, with beautiful embossing throughout. Sourced from 2 card stocks, the two editions of our deck, Summer Gold and Summer Rose are dual-foiled with a rich metallic-gold or rose-gold base, coupled with a beautiful blue foiling, a homage to the enriching power of the warmer days.

Features of the tuck box:

  • Premium Italian colored cardstock
  • In two variations: Summer Gold and Summer Rose
    Summer Gold: Oceanic green card stock, dual-foiled with metallic gold and metallic cyan.
    Summer Rose: Bluish gray card stock, dual-foiled with rose gold and metallic cyan.
  • All sides embossed with beautiful motifs.
  • All sides hot press dual-foiled.
  • All tuck boxes inner foiled.
  • Connected tuck box design across four volumes.
The Four Volumes
The tuck boxes will be a set, connected by a continuous design - The tree of life, with each season holding a part of the design and each season depicted by leaves shaped in the form of each custom pip of our card deck.

The Face Cards
Each card has been meticulously hand-drawn by the artist, taking inspiration from ballet, and then entwining it with nature. The face cards have a warm palette, expressing the warmth of summer, and its rejuvenating heat. Each dancer is coupled with the grace of an animal or bird symbolizing the symbiosis between the soul and nature's spirit.

Features of the cards:
  • Metallic gold or Rose gold foiled card back with a beautiful swan design.
  • 54 artistically designed face cards with metallic ink rim.
  • Printed by NPCC in 310 gsm Premium German Linen Card Stock.
  • Fulfillment and shipping done by NPCC worldwide with individual tracking numbers.
  • Every face card is digitally hand-drawn by the artist including Aces and Jokers.
  • Unique custom pips for each deck.
  • Unique number card layout for each suit.
The Number Cards
Ritu, the artist envisioned each number card suit as leaves on a branch. Each denomination increasing the number of leaves against four beautiful summer landscapes.

She also designed each pip based on a leaf, the ginkgo leaf for the heart, the pipal leaf for the spades, the oak leaf for the diamonds, and the maple leaf for the clubs.

On the front of the coin, our deck symbol, the golden swan adorns the face. The ballet dancer, which will change for each season graces the back against a rich red varnished backdrop.

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