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ВНИМАНИЕ! ТОВАР ПО ПРЕДЗАКАЗУ ИЗ США! ТОЛЬКО ПРЕДОПЛАТА - ОПЛАТА ПРИ ПОЛУЧЕНИИ НЕВОЗМОЖНА! СРОК ПОСТАВКИ: 60-100 ДНЕЙ! A deck that smells like Fried Chicken?Who doesn't like the smell of fried chicken? Now you can... Читать далее...

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A deck that smells like Fried Chicken?

Who doesn't like the smell of fried chicken? Now you can enjoy playing a deck of cards whilst breathing in that delicious smell of fried chicken all at the same time. Limited to only 1000 decks.

Fried Chicken playing cards is a new concept in playing cards and is made by MPC. Combining the great aroma of hot fresh fried chicken and a superbly engineered deck of slick playing cards, our 2 favorite things is a dream come true for us and likely, for many other people too.

The Fried Chicken Scented Playing Cards

The Fried Chicken playing cards is another first in the playing cards industry brought to you by MPC. Adding a new dimension to a traditional deck of cards is not an easy task but as always, backed up by our rich history in making unique custom playing cards, we decided to challenge the norm and do just that.

Adding a smell factor into playing cards seemed almost natural to us as a lot of playing card enthusiasts or normal people alike, simply like to smell a deck of cards as soon as they open a new deck of cards. While a deck of freshly cut cards smells magical, why not take it to the next level?

The Smell Factor

The Fried Chicken playing cards is the world's first ever scented deck of cards which has been in the making for just over a year.

It may sound simple but it definitely isn't. Adding smell to a deck of cards does in fact affect the smoothness of the entire deck and changes the dynamics of it. We applied the scent to the deck in a way which absolutely keeps the deck in pristine performance condition whilst smelling like fried chicken while you're handling the cards.

So How Does It Work?

Using micro technology, fried chicken fragrant essence oil is trapped inside tiny microcapsules which is then cleverly applied onto the cards as well as the tuck box so when you handle or rub the cards or box, the microcapsules break and releases the delicious fried chicken aroma. The whole concept is genius. I mean a deck of cards already provides hours of fun, but now, you can have hours of fun while smelling fried chicken. It's a match made in heaven!

2 joker reveal playing card designs revealing a seven of diamonds and a 3 of hearts in a fried chicken bucket.

No, You Cannot Eat It

Though the Fried Chicken decks smells absolutely mouth wateringly delicious, they are definitely not made for eating so please do not eat them.

The Cards

The cards uses MPC's renown M30 linen air light card stock coupled with BETA finish for superb handling. The design on the cards has been redrawn and contains 4 different popular chicken pieces namely the chicken wing, drumsticks, thigh and chicken nuggets.

These pieces are designs in a way to make up the 4 different pips in a traditional deck of cards. The court cards are redesigned so that each of the king, queen and jack contains their respective fried chicken piece.

The red card back contains a white border and 2 whole fried chickens on either end. It's a very delicious design. Oh, and smell your fingers after you have touched the cards. Be prepared to be amazed!

100% Recycled Chicken Scented Tuck Box

Doing more for the world that we live in is very important to us which is why we are going green. The tuck box used for our Fried Chicken decks are 100% made from recycled paper and finished off with a matte water-based varnish to protect the beautiful print. What's more, the tuck boxes are smothered in a fried chicken scent.

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