Odyssey Playing Cards KHAOS EDITION (UV Light) by Sergio Rocca - ПРЕДЗАКАЗ

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ВНИМАНИЕ! ТОВАР ПО ПРЕДЗАКАЗУ ИЗ США! ТОЛЬКО ПРЕДОПЛАТА - ОПЛАТА ПРИ ПОЛУЧЕНИИ НЕВОЗМОЖНА! СРОК ПОСТАВКИ: 60-100 ДНЕЙ! Features:54 different back design by Dimitri Thouzery's KHAOS render.52 cards + 2 jokers fully... Читать далее...

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  • 54 different back design by Dimitri Thouzery's KHAOS render.
  • 52 cards + 2 jokers fully customized + 1 EXTRA CARD
  • UV design in backs and faces.
  • Mate tuck case with ASTONISHING black foil.
  • Limited to 3000 units.
  • Khaos special paper stock and finish.
  • Transparent security cello.
The back of the deck, or rather, the 54 different backs, are extracts from the great digital work of Dimitri Thouzery. Using 3D rendering technology, a random algorithm has been programmed to simulate a network of entropy and destruction that grows, changes shape and evolves...


The faces simulate the small windows into the darkness, from where you can see the evil force called KHAOS, but sometimes the only thing you can appreciate is the vast darkness that it leaves behind. This is the Ace of Spades:

Every card has his own design. Some of them will be more vibrant...other maybe darker...this is the effect of KHAOS.


The tuck case is pure darkness. Constructed with a black matte paper and with the characteristic details of Odyssey in black foil.

It is difficult to appreciate the majesty of the design with the naked eye, but when the light reflects at the right angle you can feel the presence of a dark aura wanting to come out of the box.


Thanks to the ultraviolet light (UV) of 365nm you will be able to see and feel the remnants of souls of the lives absorbed by KHAOS.

In the case of the backs, each of them will have the classic design of Odyssey Playing Cards in the form of a diagonal line. On the other hand, the faces will reflect their entire design creating this striking contrast.

By the way, this is the first time we give enough protagonism to our lore, so we will include an add card with a hidden message. This text is exactly the same story you listened in the trailer or in the previous SoundCloud audio. A story of KHAOS...

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