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ВНИМАНИЕ! ТОВАР ПО ПРЕДЗАКАЗУ ИЗ США! ТОЛЬКО ПРЕДОПЛАТА - ОПЛАТА ПРИ ПОЛУЧЕНИИ НЕВОЗМОЖНА! СРОК ПОСТАВКИ: 50-80 ДНЕЙ! Open Secrets is a deck based around the theme of "hidden in plain sight, but difficult to see."... Читать далее...

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Open Secrets is a deck based around the theme of "hidden in plain sight, but difficult to see." Even the title has a double meaning. It is an invitation to open its secrets, or it states the obvious that the secrets are already out in the open.

The tuck box is constructed out of a rich dark black card stock and is illumined with an alarmingly red foil. The red signifies danger, secret, passion, illusion, the hidden; only glowing when light chances upon it.

Features of the tuck box:

  • Premium black card stock
  • Hot red-foiled on all sides
  • Soft-touch finish
  • UV glow in the dark ink
  • Production by Legends Playing Cards Co. in the PRC
The Back
The central design of the back is the Eye of Providence, constructed out of a pattern of numbers.
The number pattern, making up the design of the tuck box, is an ASCII conversion of the writing of Leonardo Da Vinci, who used to love ciphers. The text, titled "DO NOT REVEAL, IF LIBERTY IS PRECIOUS TO YOU; MY FACE IS THE PRISON OF LOVE" is Da Vinci discussing the secret of a good life. I thought it would be appropriate for this deck, a homage to a legend, divulging the path towards a happy life.
The eye symbolizes the revelation of the highest universal secrets. It is set against an abstract sky that has the form of a galaxy, signifying our thirst to peer out towards the unknown.

The Tuck Box
The right side of the tuck box is based on traditional official stamps, which are used to state "Top Secret" or "Classified". However, as per the theme of the deck, it says Open Secrets turning the idea on its head.
The left side of the tuck box is again designed around the theme of the Eye of Providence, with angled numbers rotating around its central point.
The top flap is designed around a special key. With its teeth based on the four suits. Welcoming you to open the deck and reveal its secrets.

Features of the Number and Face cards:
Every card holds a puzzle, the card number or the symbol of the card is hidden inside the pattern.
The ace is hidden in all four of the suits. Find it if you can.

The Card Back
The card back printed with metallic ink is an optical illusion., In its static form, it is an abstract pattern, however, when you twirl the card it creates the illusion of motion where you are as if flying through an infinite tunnel.
When fanned out the card back creates a majestic abstract pattern, giving the deck a regal look.

The Face Cards
The Queen and the Jacks too have their symbols hidden, bringing the puzzle to each and every card in the deck.

The Number Cards
Each number card has a single letter or number substituted with the card number. It is obvious where it is, but hard to find. You have to look deep as well as wide.

The Jokers
The two jokers are based on two of the most common warning messages we come across daily on the internet. However, these messages are modified, calling for an opening up of its secrets.
The first is "Error 401 - Unauthorized" meant to keep unauthorized users out of the domain. However, there is a satirical change to the standard error message as it now reads - "Please contact your system administrator or wait for an impending revolution."
The second joker is based on "Error 403 - Forbidden" a more foreboding warning. Here too the standard message has been modified. Now it suggests - "Please contact your system administrator or rise up and scramble some rotten eggs."
The back pattern is binary, a conversion of the same piece by Da Vinci into machine language, in line with the theme of the card.

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